Contribute To Our Charity Campaign Now!

Contribute To Our Charity Campaign Now!

We came up with a list of jobs in kuala lumpur that if you happen to be currently working as then you would be able to contribute some of your earnings to our campaign.

Below we have listed in detail on the various types of jobs as well as a short description of them, for those that aren’t sure if the job applies to you. You can help many children by donating to our campaign.

#1. Hotel Management Executive

You can see plenty of them in Malaysia. From small budget hotels in towns to large and luxurious ones in and around cities, there are plenty of hotels that can offer careers around the country.

In Malaysia, there has been an increase in growth in the tourism industry and it may even potentially keep growing due to the government trying to promote tourism too. This, of course, has resulted in an increase of several hotel projects around the country.

In hotel management, the tasks may vary depending on the size of the hotel as well as the number of customers a hotel manager has to communicate with.

You’d also be tasked with coordinating and administrating various hotel services.

The average salary of a hotel manager ranges from RM2,000 to RM5,000. Like the tasks performed the salary may vary on the size of the establishment. With this amount of salary, you can definitely consider maybe donating around 5% of your salary.

Here’s a video on tips to being a hotel general manager:

#2. Education Consultant

If you have studies education, why not put that knowledge into helping others seek their education paths?

As an education consultant, you will be in charge of planning and counselling students who are seeking advice on how they can further their education after they have finished school when they have entered in pre-university, tertiary or post-graduate levels.

To be a reliable and efficient consultant, you need to develop your knowledge of current information regarding institutions, requirements, and financial aid opportunities for students.

Helping others is always good right? And by helping kids know how to further their education, consultants in Malaysia have an average salary of RM2,000 to RM5,000, depending on the institution. You are able to donate atleast 10% of your salary to our campaign.

#3. Human Resources Executive

Every large company with an office needs a human resources department, they are vital to acquiring staff, training them and making sure that they are satisfied in the workplace.

You may meet with department heads to determine staffing needs, write employment notices, hold recruiting fairs and study submitted resumes to determine the best candidates.

HREs also set up interviews and formally hire qualified applicants and process paychecks to reach recipients on time and for the correct amounts,

You would be in charge of answering questions about human resources and oversee employee relations along with ensuring that their organizations comply will government labour laws.

You will oversee maintaining HR records such as employees’ compensation, healthcare and medical insurances and so on.

HREs will also train new and present employees, record and maintain employee attendance and punctuality.

The average salary of a Human Resource Executive is around RM3,000 to RM4,000 a month. That is pretty alot, so you could easily spend around 15% of your salary and donate to our campaign.

#4. Editor

Those who studied media in university might be familiar with the importance of editors in media projects, so it is no surprise that editors in the media industry are paid quite well and you can typically work anywhere and in almost any industry as an editor.

Some editors may choose to work in the media sectors such as in film, broadcasting and news production, while many others work with written content through making adjustments or editing work prepared by staff or freelance writers.

Fresh grads who are aiming for this job role can be important to businesses who wish to connect or bridge with their target market and creating meaningful connections with other organisations and consumers.

The average wage an editor might get can be RM2,500 to RM3,000. You can consider donating roughly 5% of your salary.

#5. Professional Gamer

Malaysia has a rising esports scene is among the top countries with a large esports presence, so perhaps if you are willing to try it out your skills at these tournaments, you can try. You have to be really good at the game you are playing, the kind of good that wins awards.

In fact, professional gamers can spend 12 hours or more per day honing their skills in a specific game, like DOTA 2. Besides training, they also review game footage, research opponents, strategize and even participate in sponsorship videos.

So it really isn’t all that fun and games as you need to mentally prepare for the next tournament.

In terms of money, it really depends on the competition and your skill level at playing certain games. But as a reference, we can look at the top-earning Malaysian in esports player, Zheng Yeik Nai, or better known as MidOne. At just 22 years old, he has already participated in multiple DOTA 2 world championships and raked in more than RM4 million in prize money. Now, that is alot of money. You can easily donate around 20% of your salary and help the children in need!

#6. Civil Engineer

Look at our famous buildings and landmarks we have in Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara KL, the Penang Bridge and more. All of these glorious structures have talented civil engineers who helped create them.

Civil Engineers are responsible for designing and supervising the construction of various structures, roads, airports, energy systems, water supply and sewage systems.

They need to consider many factors from the budget and duration of a project to government legislation and potential environmental risks such as earthquakes and typhoons.

Even with low job demands calling for civil engineers in the Jobstreet market, fresh grads can still venture into this area.

The building and construction sector still offers some of the highest paying jobs to fresh grads entering this job scope.

However, the job depends on the country’s economy. If there is a recession, there will be a smaller budget for construction projects.

But, it is expected that between the year 2018 and 2022, the industry will continue to expand with the support of the government’s continuous effort.

It should also be noted that these careers are not simply given immediately, some amount of experience is required and it does take time to get into their respective industries. You can make sure 5% of your salary goes to our campaign. You can even consider being a life-time donor as well.

If you are interested to donate to our campaign, please feel free to reach out to us here.